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Important Vermaseal Z News

As a result of some enquiries regarding packaging, distortion and fixing, we have developed a new Vermaseal Z in addition to Vermaseal 14B to help these customers.

Where strapping causes issues or if loose stacked and not kept uniform to each other, particularly if plastic wrapped in hot conditions, in addition to the fact that a lot of erectors prefer to glue or fix Vermaseal with small Nylon anchors to the slab and sitting the wall sheeting on the step ledge, then screwing sheets to purlins, as opposed to fixing the sheets to the skirting board area as they go (as we suggest for Vermaseal 14B).

The new profile lends itself to bookleaf stacking into smaller more compact rigid cardboard cartons that are 2.4 metres long by 150mm x 120 mm, making 50.4 lineal metres per box. Vermaseal Z is the same price per metre as Vermaseal 14B.

The new design includes longer fingerlip for further in-board fixing to slab, as well as longer step ledge for a greater allowance for variation. Vermaseal Z is made in a new, more rigid formula which helps to further minimize heat distortion and shrinkage, and is also available in Steel. Visit the Vermaseal Z page for further product details.

Vermaseal Z Product Page

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