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Trimdek / Monoclad Big Vents

Each have 24 louvred vents, with each unit equalling 10,800mm2 of vented area.

To install, rivet onto the external, vertical wall sheet, on top of (supplied) woven alloy mesh, and drill 20mm vent holes into the adjacent internal pan of the sheet. Coloured rivets are also supplied as well as a drill template.

The riveted vent acts as a truss across the tops of the profiles, requiring no additional support system and adding extra strength to the sheet. A silicone bead is required to seal the profiles at the top only.

Wind-driven rain hits the mesh directly behind the louvres and runs down the cavity area between the mesh and pan of the sheet, running out the unsealed bottom.

Comes in all Colorbond colours, Zincalume and Galvanised.
Meets B.A.L 29 with the exception of Galvanised, which extends to F.Z.

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